Founded by Mary Beth Benison, Cocobeni has been a fixture in Northborough since 2011.  After surviving two life threatening illnesses, Mary Beth Benison decided to pursue her dream of opening her own cupcake store and Cocobeni was born.   Using the freshest and best ingredients available to create her own recipes, Mary Beth’s Cocobeni soon had a loyal following– Cocobeni’s cake pops were even in the Emmy Award’s goody bags.  Mary Beth’s positive outlook and warm personality contributed greatly to the success of the business.  Unfortunately after being diagnosed with Mesothelioma and ALS, Mary Beth passed away in Spring of 2015.  Mary Beth’s family and bakers Jess and Rachel worked hard to keep Mary Beth’s dream alive

A twist of fate, or as new owner Jennifer Shay likes to call it “divine intervention”, brought Mary Beth’s sister Katie,  Jess the head baker for Cocobeni, and Jennifer together.  Committed to carrying on Mary Beth’s legacy, Jennifer bought the shop in late Summer 2015.  Keeping the dream alive and adding her own spin on the shop, Jennifer’s goal is to provide unique custom cakes, delicious cupcakes, outstanding customer service and to make a positive impact on the community.